About Me

I have been travelling to many countries, I have seen a lot and I have absorbed as much as I can to add my experience to my golden memories. 

From day one of thinking I already knew I will be an entrepreneur but before the process of becoming one I needed to see the world from different perspectives, which I was willing to do with no hesitation. 

My different journeys helped me a lot to shape me into the person I am today. 

Growing up in Europe but born in Africa, is a special blessing, fulfilling this mission of getting away from thinking in borders to a thinking that leads to a “unity as citizens of the world. Mostly being the only black person in an environment taught me the importance of proper knowledge transfer. 

It is our story that makes us who we are, not fake news on any sort of media. Always curious about the world, my favourite place was the library, reading me into new interesting stories of people kept me on track for creating an idea of what I will be doing in future.

After completing my A-levels I went for a four-month internship in Kenya, this was always my dream, to return to my motherland and give back. The field where I was working in was called “Social Entrepreneurship”. 

I was not only teaching youth in my age but also older ones, how to bring out the very best version of oneself. That kind of experience is something someone has to experience oneself, so many insights and different perspectives of life. Teaching, encouraging and assisting young people like me were part of my main duties. 

One thing I kept telling my students was “Do not wait too long to go for your dreams, take advantage of your energy that you have now and get active!” During my internship, I had realized how much the youth needs someone whom they can look up to, someone to whom they can really relate to, someone I had wished to have when growing up in a completely different environment from “Home”.

However it did not take that long until it became my second home, and nowadays I have many homes. Sticking to one place is just not my thing. 

I love diversity, diversity is me. Diversity enabled my entrance to become one of our high school representatives, helped me to accept that all people are different and beautiful in their own complexion, especially my work as a dance coach and also my job in a home for disabled had shown me clearly this very important aspect of life. 


“Bontsho” is a virtual assistant business with many different features, with diversity. It is not only about the usual administration tasks. 

Besides these, I have also included services specialized for people who want to go global, who are “newbies” and need a kick to get their business on board, who want some guidance from an energetic young person, who has many stories to share and whom they might relate to, someone innovative and professional in a unique way. 

Our managerial secrets give us an upper hand and ensure our clients are totally satisfied. Blessed with a lot of experience that I have gained, while living in the Diaspora, I can relate to many people and their various situations this is why I am willing and ready to give back.

It is always said “The younger ones are the future” but are they ready? Which impact do we have on preparing the next generations for the future? Simply teach them to invest in their passion. Turn your passion into an investment!